“Technology is all about using the power of science to make life better for people, to reduce cost, to improve comfort and to improve productivity”N. R. Narayana Murthy

It is no longer news that we are in a world of technology and a global one at that. We now see or hear about various advanced technologies. First was the argument for or against social media, now we have the CCTV.

A CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purpose. The CCTV is operated by strategically placing cameras and observing them through monitors. Sometimes, one can speak to people within the range of the camera’s speakers.

The CCTV is generally used for maintaining security, observing behaviors of people, traffic monitoring, overseeing locations, building and grounds security and obtaining a visual record of activities amongst others.

The CCTV has found increasing use in law-enforcement. This then leads to the question, why the academic sector? Milords, please take a quick sip as you read along.

Cameras could actually be useful to teachers as it would help in evaluating the students, student-teachers’ relationship and the teachers’ performance in class. While my fellow scribe may have argued strongly against the idea of using CCTV in schools, especially in OOU, I however have a different perspective to it.

First, for a tertiary institution like OOU with over 20,000 students, the number of activities in the school is such that cannot be captured at a glance. I hereby see the CCTV as a priviledge for the school authority to know what is going on right under their nose at a glance.

Many freshers are at risk of insecurity, fear, intimidation, bullying and the likes. When students and parents alike get to know of how safe it is to enrol in school, the fear of releasing their wards will be reduced and the school will have more income. The students as well will roam the premises freely with a certain confidence that they are safe. It is a kind of insurance policy for the school and an assurance to the parents and their wards that education can not only be vital but safe.

Let’s not forget that the institution also has other institutions inside of it. Here, we talk about the banking industries. These industries, though have their own security, a knowledge of CCTV gives an additional sense of security to them, hence, the promotion of proper administration. When they know they are safe, they’ll want to discharge more and this eases both the students and the school at large.
Another thing is the level of indiscipline and crime rate. Rarely will anyone attempt to harm you or commit a crime when they know their actions are being recorded on cameras. Students commit lots of atrocities among their peers that go unchallenged because no one saw them and the ones that did are scared to own up. It should be noted that a student who knows his actions are been recorded and knows the implications of his actions, will tend to be more careful. This will help in building the right attitude in students- the leaders of tomorrow.

The idea of CCTV installation in OOU is perhaps, the best innovation the school has made in years. It’s a step further towards achieving her goals of excellence. I must say, OOU is fast growing into an advanced tertiary institution; and it is the duty of the students, staffs and workers to keep up the pace of technology to avoid been left behind.

Milords, permit me to conclude with this story as written by Kayode Ketefe.

“Submit your papers now!” The invigilator’s voice boomed with vigour induced by fear and exasperation. “No Sir, we have ten minutes more!” Chorused some of the students who were still scribbling with desperation in the final efforts to, hopefully, earn some extra marks. “Submit immediately!” the tone of the voice this time around was imperious even though fear was discernible in every syllable. The students’ eyes were wrenched off the sheets for once in two hours as they stared to get what was bordering their lecturer.

Then all hell was let loose, a pandemonium broke out as the students stared outside the window in the examination hall. Not less than fifty weapon-wielding cultists had besieged the examination hall, chanting blood-chilling war songs. The invigilator cum lecturer was the first to bolt; he abandoned the collection of the examination papers and scaled the window heading for the perimeter wall to escape into safety. Alas, he was caught before he could scale the wall and he was kidnapped. His corpse was found five days later in a small bush adjacent to the campus, his body was badly mutilated!

This is a true life story and it happened in the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, (OOU) in 2006. Pathetic as the story may be, but the big question is… What if they were CCTV Cameras in the school at this time?

Milords, I rest my case.

This is my own side of an article written for The Court Room Nigeria. You may read the other side by Olawale Smart here – https://thecourtroomng.org/2017/12/04/cctv-camera-installation-in-oou-a-wasteful-project/