This is just a simple Blackberry
Messenger leakage to all my
Android users, I can’t wait to
see you ping me with your
official BBM friends.

The official BBM is said to be
lunched on 21st of September
but there is a leakage so far
and you can download it to
your device, rock with it until
it’s officially launched.

Once you succeeded in
downloading this BBM on your
Android device, you will only
need to update it from Google
Play on 21st of September

=>You must be running
Android 4.0 and above

=>Internet connection

Where Can I Download BBM For My Android Phone?
Download It Here

=> Run and install the BBM app

=>Register and fill in your
correct details

=>Confirm and verify your
account by visiting your
mail box, follow the link they
will send to you to verify your account.

=> Visit the bbm apps and
login with your email and
password and then watch the
wonders of bbm on Android.

Note: It might take up to 24hrs
or more to generate
your Blackberry PIN. So just
relax and keep pinging. It
rocks real good!