Because the entire body pressure is concentrated on the toes by wearing heels, it can cause foot, hip and waist pain.

Fashion – an intrinsic novelty with a notorious fleeting effect on the populace – and women in particular. In fact, marketing practitioners target women when it comes to product manipulation. But, what’s up with heels? Sarah Jessica Parker: The “Sex and the City” star sometimes ago revealed how excessive heels damaged her feet; her doctor said wearing heels “created a bone that wasn’t supposed to be there” – figuratively or literally? Let’s find out!

Because the entire body pressure is concentrated on the toes by wearing heels,
High heels alter the anatomy of the calf muscles and tendon;
Causing tripping and falling, which can lead to ankle sprains and breaks
Creates foot problems like bunions, hammertoes and nerve damage
Put stress on the back and knees
Cause Haglund’s deformity otherwise known as “pump bump” that occurs when straps of high heeled shoes dig into the tissue around the Achilles tendon
Cause sprains, leg cramps and numbness to the hip-waist regions and tendons.

According to Dr.Natalie A. Nevins, DO, an osteopathic physician, many women who wear high heels often suffer a shortening of the Achilles tendon because once the heel is pointed upwards, it tightens up. Stretching it again or switching to flats can be very painful; it can even lead to plantar fasciitis. “This tendon is designed to be flexible, so the foot can lie flat or point. With repetitive wear, you can develop unhealthy patterns that can persist even when you’re not wearing high heels,” adds Dr. Nevins.

“Extended wear of high heels and continually bending your toes into an unnatural position can cause a range of ailments, from ingrown toenails to irreversible damage to leg tendons. Additionally, cramming your toes into a narrow toe box can cause nerve damage and bunions,” says Dr. Nevins. “High heels have also been linked to overworked or injured leg muscles, osteoarthritis of the knee, plantar fasciitis and low back pain,” she adds.

If you’re going to wear heels, understand the long-term health risk of doing so; alternate with lower heels (below 3in) and flats (sensible shoes). All these problems are further exacerbated by wearing “tights” – Yes! – the body strapping garment sheathing from the waist to the toes, but that would be the subject of a future discussion