By Aina Tolulope
Apart from saying good morning to an elderly woman selling charcoal on my way to work, I have not ever once pondered on the beauty of black but now. Even though I am yet to fathom at the same time, the depth of ignorance some who seem not to find pride in their colour just because they are black. I’m yet to discover the reason why a black skinned-man would want to bleach or why an African woman would desperately straighten her hair or whishes to have blue eyes like Pecola Breedlove in The Bluest Eye of Tony Morrison’ novel.
Maybe we should then start by redefining the concept of blackness especially now that black is globally connoting non-white human skin. For without this we may not properly put into sensible perspective the apparent fallacious semantic that colours referring to human skin is absolutely a misinterpretation emanated from either prejudice or egoistic superiority—giving that neither black (like used engine oil) nor white (like chunk of snow) can be found in any race.
Having established the above, the word BLACK referring to skin, people or a race, be it in Asia, Africa or in Indian should then be examined. His gene, his skin, his culture, heritage and his patrimony should define without sentiment how industrious, mentally balanced and beautiful he is. His unique colour which symbolizes energy, agility and strength pronounces whys he can survive either in wilderness or dessert, under a blazing heat or in a brewing cold.
Clarity in the above will make us to have a comprehensive understanding in the appreciation of black people and their heritage as released to them by Nature. Not as erroneously defined by British imperialists dictionaries or American slave masters opinion which portray black as ugly, dirty, unclean and so on. On the contrary the beauty of black is essential. Herodotus, the old American historian agreed on many occasions after his visit to Ethiopia submitted when he met the Ethiopians that of all the peoples of the world Black people are the most beautiful.
Even without Herodotus assertion, the sufficiency of their immense lushly vegetations and massive agrarian lands coupled with the leniency of climatic condition is a proof that Black is in fact not only beautiful but also blessed.
Even in the debate of who is superior, we found out that civilization in the history of the world started from the ancient Egypt and most of the wonders of earth both in science and culture which were greatly plundered by the white at the point when research was at early stage started first in Africa.
Their culture is rich and their conducts as a people heralds moral, discipline and respect for humanity. I should say that Africa culture frowns at human nakedness, nudity and pornography. Maybe a habit the white man refused to let go in the manner they treat slaves during their covetous adventure to the black abodes.
 These are considered taboo that people don’t violate until their contact with the sons of the wolf according to Jack London. And if WHITE which is supposed to mean angelic displayed such indecency, human right violation, won’t I rather chose to remain a black man?
Blacks are peaceful and gentle and intelligent by nature on the face of the earth even though I wouldn’t want to lace this article with bitterness though it is somewhat natural to compare and contrast when defending a course—to make the opposite less-worthy as you highlight the beauty of the other.
To uphold the ideology ‘black is beautiful’ is a sine qua non which is beyond a movement or mere slang even though the phrase was coined by American abolitionists during the heat of black struggle against the white inequalities and subjugation but there are fact that to prove. In fact the usefulness of charcoal as against the whitish chunk of snow is enough proof, that is black is beautiful.