In this picture above, those teenage girls are daughters to the strongest man on Earth , Obama right ? Ok ..

Can you see how simple and down to earth their dressing were ? No wedge shoes , no expensive handbags , no gold or silver necklace covering their necks.
No Brazilian hair or most importantly no make up ! They just come simple. Natural looks, normal cheap bags, cheap sandals and very moderate gowns .

I just wish our sisters can learn how that life is simple and stop bothering your husband for all those things . Be contented with what you have and be happy . You can see how happy and how they were laughing irrespective of the fact that they were not dressed expensively . Or do you think they don’t know about all those high fashion ?

Your beauty is not about those things but about how you carry yourself. Wash and iron the little clothes you have wear them and have a personality that’s all that matters

I hope you don’t criticize me. Feel free to share your opinions and don’t forget to share for others to learn!

By Aina Tolulope