Aina Tolulope (Second right), with colleagues on graduation day at Nigerian Institute Of Journalism, Lagos

Ayo Omotola, Class governor of the 2015 ND III set of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism; Lagos has described Aina Tolulope as being potential to shake the future after reviewing the qualities of the young Lad in Journalism, Blogging and Law.

Omotola word’s was contained in his speech, The Departure of Conquerors delivered on July 6th 2015, the graduation day of the 2015 ND III set of the Institution.

Aina, a certified creative writer and Internet specialist was seen wailing hands upon pronouncement of his name during the speech procession. According to him, he feels glad that his potentials and abilities are being observed by people.

The self acclaimed ‘Ultimate Tboy’, who is also currently a 400L Law student, is the owner of Popular Nigerian Forum,; and Sierra Leone’s largest Internet community, He has vast experience is writing, journalism, blogging and the internet. To boost his intelligence is his currently undergone Law degree.

Without doubt, he would really shake the future!