As we all begin the sudden urge to move into a new year, let’s take a pause and think about my question.

What was your health status in 2019? How often did you visit the hospital for a check up? How many times did you practise self medication? Did you exercise regularly?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, then maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be easy for you in 2020. In case you’re found wanting, my brother and sister it’s time to take heavy caution.

Nigerians are mostly known to be prayer warriors, constantly we want our enemies to die by fire 🔥, But a low percentage of us take time to monitor our health.

One of my major high points this year was the opportunity given to me to handle a health program tagged “Doctor On Call” on my University radio station, OOU 92.1FM. What made it more special was two special guest doctors who honoured our invite to shed more light on the killer sickness I want you to be wary of in 2020.

First, it was the Intelligent and magnificent Acting Director of OOU health service in person of Dr. (Mrs.) Ogunbowale Oluwatosin who treated the topic of Hypertension and not forgetting the ever jovial Dr. Babafemi Adedeji who spoke on the issue of stroke.

Now to the real deal, after the two interviews with this highly rated professionals, I discovered that Stroke and Hypertension have a slight similar risk factor which both sickness share in common. High blood pressure is one significant risk for Stroke, from smoking to family history, to Alcohol and illegal drug use, lack of physical activity, obesity and overweight, stress and depression, unhealthy diet, etc. Stroke and Hypertension possess strong similarities that can make you dead if you don’t avoid their demons.

The rate at which many Nigerians die from heart failure and high blood pressure is increasingly alarming, don’t also forget that Stroke can affect young ones too, the two deadly sickness are respecters of nobody. They don’t care about your wealth, stature or fame, they are deadly killers that stylishly build their mansion in ones life before pulling the trigger.

Be wary of this diseases in 2020, they have ripped many life’s apart, turn many to widows and widowers, rendered active individuals incapacitated and disastrously cut short dreams and hopes.

You need more info about the two sickness, or you’re scared if they are developing in you already? Please go and visit a doctor or better still do more research on Google to inspire you.

Ensure that a healthy lifestyle is one of your paramount objective for 2020, stop taking too much red meat and food filled with cholesterol, don’t do big man and woman and refuse to jog, walk or even run under the sun. Hypertension and Stroke will kill more people in 2020, I Know Nigeria is hard, but please don’t be a victim.

Life No Get Duplicate!