It was disheartening to watch how irate youths in Akure, Ondo state set ablaze Sotitobire Miracle Church on Wednesday after reports that the body of a one-year old child was found buried on the church altar.

According to reports, the one-year old boy, Gold Kolawole who was said to have been declared missing after he was dropped at the children section of the church by his mother weeks ago was found buried on the altar of the church.

The police in Ondo state has since debunked the rumor describing it as …”misleading information.”. The founder of the church, Prophet Alpha Babatunde had also been taken into the custody of the Department of State Security (DSS) in Akure for investigation.

However, the actions of the irate youths did not just result in razing down the popular church, a police patrol vehicle was burnt in the process, several persons were injured and properties were destroyed.

Truth be told, two wrongs cannot make a right. Hence, the decision to burn down the church without substantial evidence of crime being committed should be totally condemned.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly” – Martin Luther King Jr.

We must cast aside every veil of ignorance and must not let the thick fog of callousness and obtuseness becloud our sense of reasoning. The place of logic and adherence to ‘legal’, above ‘moral’ principles is expedient in this discourse. That is why I won’t join to cast aspersions without enough evidence. It is wicked for anyone to say what he or she do not see or speak on matters he or she has no authority to speak on.

That Sotitobire Miracle church burnt down by irate persons can be likened to jungle justice, it is nowhere ‘justifiable’ and it is wrong in every sense. It is agreed that any sane person must be touched by the sudden disappearance of the innocent boy from the church. But the questions are: Has anyone been able to provide the world with picture(s) of the exhumed body? Is there any evidence to nail the pastor as the brain behind the disappearance of the innocent boy before that unfortunate incident was carried out?

In a country where law and order reigns supreme, lawlessness and arbitrary infringements on human rights and destruction of hard-earned properties should not be the order of the day. We should not enthrone anti-intellectualism in the palace of our minds or else, it will plunge us into a world of anarchy. The perpetrators of the illegal act should be brought to the book and made to face the penalty according to the Law.

In the same vein, this incident is a call on the government to take proactive steps to curb in the influx of “fake news” in our society. Every false information put out there has capacity of instigating a crisis.

But in the same vein, our judgements as Individuals should be laced with facts, not assumptions. And certainly not rumors. We must verify the authenticity of information before we act on them.