Hannan, the Daughter of Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has been in the news lately. First, it was her graduation with First Class from Ravensbourne University that stormed the awe of Nigerians. This follows the incident of a man arrested for allegedly using the old sim of the President’s daughter. And most recently, news of her using the Presidential jet for her personal work.

Hannan Buhari may have been in the eyes of the storm. But to an extent, I think we should let this young, industrious, brilliant girl to be. I agree with Muric man (even though I never agree with him but this one he’s right) that she is an inspiration for the youth.

Thinking outside the box requires reading outside the box. In the Nigerian setting where Parents are so obsessed with their children studying courses like Medicine, Law, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Accounting and so on, it is impressive to see a President’s daughter pursue a course in Photography. I mean, Photo (as in foto-grafer). And truly, She has a first class in Paparazzi from the abroad school. A first class! How many wailers have that? And she chose photography, imagine that. She chose where her heart is, isn’t that an inspiration?

Hanan Buhari’s uncommon passion for photography is an encouragement for young people to showcase their creativity and to always pursue a career path where their passion lies.

I love you Hannan, continue to document in pictures everything about Nigeria. I am your number one fan. I know a few female photographers, but you are the best. Continue holding that big, heavy lense well, maybe wailers don’t know a 300mm lense is heavy ni?

Hannan is Bae joor, or should I call it Boo? Lol… My Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW).!