Dr. Iyiola oni during his Presentation

By Aina Tolulope
As part of the activities to mark the world day remembrance for road traffic victims 2013, a safety lecturer and expert, Prof. Iyiola Oni has addressed problems in traffic accident reporting.
In his speech, Iyiola said road accidents are under reported. According to him: “The major target of those who reported accident is to tell us number killed, number injured and number of causalities. Hence, the reason for the accident and measures at reducing the re occurrence of such is usually not addressed”.
He stated that there is high level of under-reporting in the national accident database. About 50% of all reportable injury accidents are reported and included in official statistics. An accident is reportable when it causes an injury that is not regarded as inconsequential.
 Most of those who are involved in accidents causing reportable injuries are not aware of the duty or have the means to report these accidents. Serious injuries, accidents were children are involved; accidents where only one person is injured and accidents on state, local and rural roads are less frequently reported than other accidents. Traffic accidents involving motorcycles and bicycles have a very low reporting rate.
Iyiola who spoke with our correspondent said there is a procedure in reporting accidents. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure the consistent, timely reporting of vehicle accidents. It covers the reporting of every vehicle accident involving injury or damage to a government vehicle, or private vehicle if on-site or off-site. He highlighted few procedures, as follows:
– – Anyone involved in a vehicle accident must immediately report it:
a.       On-site
b.      Off-site
2.      Fill recommended Forms and records appropriately
3.      Render aid to the injured
4.      Notify the nearest law enforcement agency immediately if accident involves a fatality, injury